Zhongwei Electric won the title of national "green factory" in 2023

   the People's Republic of China, 8 NovemberMinistry of Industry and Information TechnologyAnnounced the list of green manufacturing enterprises in 2023, among which Nanyang Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd.

National green manufacturing certification is the Chinese government's recognition of environmental protection and sustainable development of enterprises, requiring enterprises to meet a series of strict standards in resource utilization, emission control, energy consumption and so on. Through independent innovation and technological upgrading, Zhongwei Electric actively responds to the implementation of the national "double carbon" policy, takes green development as the core, builds a green manufacturing circular industrial chain, and successfully realizes the requirements of sustainable development.

Zhongwei Electric won the national levelThe Green FactoryTitleIt is not only an affirmation of the company's past work, but also will promote the company's green intelligent manufacturing reform to a new level.