Nanyang Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd. 2022 Social Responsibility Report

Nanyang Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd.

2022Annual Social Responsibility Report


1. corporate governance system

Good corporate governance is the internal driving force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Since the company was incorporated in 2008, the company has organically combined corporate governance with production and operation. In strict accordance with the requirements of the Company Law and relevant national laws, regulations and rules, we should establish a modern enterprise system, improve the corporate governance structure and standardize the operation of the company. Establish a systematic and scientific rule system based on the Articles of Association, with the rules of procedure of the general meeting of shareholders, the rules of procedure of the board of directors, the rules of the meeting of supervisors, and the working rules of the general manager as the main structure. It has formed a mechanism of checks and balances on decision-making, implementation, operation management and effective supervision with the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management as the theme structure, ensuring the healthy operation of the company's production and operation and other business activities, and realizing the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

2. company development

Centering on the theme of reform and innovation, the company thoroughly implements the scientific concept of development, innovates marketing strategies, actively responds to market changes, carries out independent innovation, pays attention to financial budget and cost assessment, and strengthens the company's ability to defend and control risks. it has promoted the company's operating performance to continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth.

The company adopts a differentiated market operation model, mainly adopts a steady development model, and its market share is expanding year by year. At present, the company has become a qualified supplier to important customers such as State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Sinopec, and the Ministry of Railways. The products are used in wind power, nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power and other power plants, urban rail transit, ore, steel plants, Switch plants and other projects, as well as large or super large enterprises with outsourcing and foreign aid projects.

The company attaches importance to the international market business development. With excellent product quality and price advantages, the company's products have been exported to Asia, Europe, South America and other regions of many countries. According to the company's product differentiation development strategy, a set of relatively perfect international development strategy has been formulated. With the existing channels and mature market expansion mode, the company's business development ability and international market share will be enhanced, so as to further release the company's market advantage.

3. product advantage

The company set up enterprise technology center, specializing in product research, development, testing and process technology innovation. There are 7 R & D rooms, including 8 senior engineers, 21 intermediate titles and 31 bachelor's degree or above. The company has complete core technology property rights in the field of zinc oxide varistors, the company has self-developed complete design software in the overall design of the arrester, the arrester voltage level has included all voltage levels from medium and low voltage to ultra-high voltage, and has completed the network operation.

Through continuous research and development and progress, the company improves the technological level of new products, leads the level, improves profitability, seizes the market, and is in an undefeated position in the competition. Through continuous technological innovation, management innovation, informatization, specialization, cost reduction and efficiency, improve the level of technology research and development and management, and maximize the value of the company.

The company has obtained more than 100 invention patents and utility model patents. The main product core technology, the company has all intellectual property rights, the main electrical performance of the product has reached the international leading or international advanced level. In 2019, the project of "deep restriction of ultra-high voltage grid overvoltage varistor ceramic material-high performance nonlinear metal oxide varistor sheet" was listed as a major science and technology project in Nanyang City. In 2020, the company's "key technology and equipment of new generation metal oxide arrester" project was awarded the second prize of national technological invention by China Machinery Industry Federation and China Mechanical Engineering Society. In 2023, the company's "Key Technology and Equipment for New Generation Metal Oxide Arresters" project was awarded the second prize of Henan Province Science and Technology Progress Award.

4. talent cultivation

The company has formulated a series of preferential policies and implemented measures to recruit talents and introduce talents, so that they can feel that our work is sincere, happy and satisfied. Through this measure, in recent years, we have introduced more than 50 engineering and technical personnel with college degree or above and intermediate and senior technical titles from all over the country, providing talent guarantee for the scientific and technological innovation and development of enterprises.

The company pays attention to the staff quality promotion work. Formulate and implement the company-department-workshop (team) "three-level education" training mechanism, evaluate new employees and transferred employees every two months, and fully grasp the safety awareness and technical operation level of employees. The company pays close attention to the training of safety technical operation procedures and risks in the operation process, carries out "teacher and apprentice" skills training in the workshop, and organizes and implements more than 400 person-times of various on-the-job training to ensure that the employees on the job meet the technical standards of skilled workers.

The company pays attention to the occupational health of employees, carries out the construction of the "Occupational Health System", carries out free entry physical examinations for employees, and organizes periodic physical examinations. At present, more than 400 occupational health files have been established to safeguard the health rights of employees; strengthen occupational health knowledge training, Publicize and implement the "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Manual", and employees' self-protection awareness continues to increase. Strengthen the supervision and management of the distribution and use of labor protection articles, allocate and distribute labor protection articles in strict accordance with the requirements of industry standards, and timely correct the improper use of labor protection articles in daily inspection.

Most of the company's employees come from rural areas, and life is not rich under the current social conditions. The company solves the accommodation problem of employees from the immediate interests and fundamental needs of employees. At the same time, the dormitory is equipped with air conditioning, water heaters, washing machines and other facilities. The company provides dining services to employees at a price lower than the cost price, and often carries out free dining activities. Workshop workers add meals twice a day for free to ensure that employees eat well and eat well at a price far lower than the market price.

The company's trade union has carried out registration and relief activities for poor employees. Since 2015, it has helped more than 40 employees and the relief fund is 80000 yuan. At the same time, the company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, and adopts various methods such as employment recruitment, material donations, and cash donations to support poor villages and poor college students, and has donated more than 310 million yuan in materials.

5. environmental protection

The company attaches great importance to environmental protection, adheres to the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", strictly implements the new requirements and new arrangements for ecological civilization and environmental protection of the 19th CPC National Congress, regards environmental protection as an important part of the enterprise's sustainable development strategy, attaches great importance to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection governance, and actively fulfills the enterprise's social responsibility for environmental protection. Actively practice environment-friendly and resource-saving development, strive to take a road of overall consideration of economic and social benefits and harmonious development of enterprises and social environment.

The company increased investment in environmental protection facilities, and invested more than 150 million yuan in environmental protection equipment, including 4 sets of electric furnace dust removal equipment, 2 sets of optical oxygen environmental protection equipment, 2 sets of pulse dust removal equipment, 2 sets of plasma dust removal equipment, dust online monitoring equipment, smoke secondary collection equipment, etc. The company optimizes the production process to reduce the overflow of smoke and dust.

The company strengthens the construction of environmental protection system management, earnestly implements the responsibility system for environmental protection work, carries out the construction of "Environmental Management System" and "Energy Management System", implements environmental management indicators to every link in the product production process, establishes the target responsibility system from the top and middle levels of the company To the team foundation, form a management network, establish an online monitoring system, timely report the production and pollution discharge situation, and assess the personnel who are negligent in environmental management, responsibility is in place and rewards and punishments are clear.

The company strengthens the publicity of environmental protection concept, publicizes environmental protection knowledge through publicity slogans, brochures, blackboard newspapers and other forms, and improves the environmental protection awareness of employees. Strengthen the management of the company's factory appearance, implement beautification, hardening, greening and lighting projects in the construction and management of the factory area, and plant more than 1000 trees of various types, with a green area of more than 4000 square meters. The company uses OA office system financial ERP management, internal network and other modern information technology means, the implementation of paperless office, and actively promote the construction of a conservation-oriented society.

The company encourages employees to innovate in technology, and all employees participate in the solicitation of rationalization proposals for "energy saving, cost reduction, production increase and efficiency", and propose innovation and improvement measures in waste recycling, production system optimization, and equipment transformation to reduce energy consumption and improve resource recycling Utilization has further promoted energy conservation and emission reduction.



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