Nanyang Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd. 2020 Annual Social Responsibility Report

Nanyang Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd.

Social Responsibility Report 2020

1. Company Profile

Nanyang Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongwei Electric") was established on August 15, 2007 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It is located in Weishi Road, Nanyang Ecological Industrial Park. It is an early domestic power and electrical equipment R & D, A modern high-tech enterprise integrating manufacturing and sales. The company takes energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent, high-reliability and new energy supporting products as its development direction, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of new metal oxide varistor sheets, metal oxide arresters, electrical instruments and intelligent electrical detection systems. The products are widely used in the State Grid, various wind, fire, water, and nuclear, Biomass power stations, PetroChina, Sinopec, China Railway Group Corporation, etc.

The company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise for eight consecutive years. In 2016, it was rated as the provincial enterprise technology center; in 2018, it was rated as the provincial engineering technology center; in 2020, it was rated as the provincial energy conservation and emission reduction demonstration enterprise. At present, the company has obtained forty-two utility model patents, four invention patents. The company has passed the quality certification system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system, energy system certification. "Green Factory" has been approved by the provincial level, and the implementation of the "two-way integration" standard has been certified. In 2019, it will undertake major scientific and technological projects in Nanyang City. In 2020, the construction of MES system intelligent factory and intelligent storage will be carried out, and the construction has been completed and put into use.

2. business philosophy

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity is gold, innovation is the soul", adhering to the enterprise spirit of "unity, forge ahead and transcendence", with the vision of becoming a first-class electrical product manufacturer, striving to create first-class products and provide first-class services. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the general development concept: scientific and technological innovation, quality improvement, digital empowerment, to the first-class enterprises to forge ahead!

As a person in the non-public economy, he should take a clear-cut stand in politics, focus on innovation and development, repay the society and take responsibility, constantly make the enterprise better and stronger, and emerge more excellent builders of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. to make greater contributions to the strength of the motherland and the happiness of the people, and to Chinese Dream, who has realized the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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3. operate in good faith according to law

The company operates in good faith in accordance with the law, honesty and trustworthiness, resource conservation, environmental protection, people-oriented, and building a harmonious enterprise. At the same time, extend this responsibility to the society, customers, employees and other links, and make our due contribution to the society.

The main practices of the company in the construction of the integrity system are:

1. Create good faith management standards and business and employee code of conduct, clear the value orientation of the healthy development of enterprises. The company starts with the establishment of production and operation standards and codes of conduct: first, it has established enterprise standards that meet the requirements of the new era and the laws of market economy in its management work; second, it has established a clean, fair, honest and honest sales management method in its operation and sales; third, in terms of quality management, it has actively carried out production in accordance with national standards such as quality, environmental protection and safety; fourth, in the construction of spiritual civilization, establish a series of integrity code of conduct based on the company's employee code of conduct.

2.Build a platform for corporate leaders to take the lead in setting an example and providing behavioral guidance for business operations and employee growth. First, the moral cultivation, integrity building as an important topic of team building. The second is to strictly abide by the contract contract, regardless of the gain or loss of the moment. The third is to treat employees with promises and deeds, and set an example of honesty and trustworthiness.

Our company always adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, rigor, cooperation and innovation", operates with sincerity, cherishes promises like gold, and believes that integrity is the life of an enterprise. Insisting on providing users with advanced technology, excellent performance and reliable quality products as its own responsibility, it has made extraordinary achievements in the constantly changing market and won wide acclaim from all walks of life.

4. standardize operation and protect the rights and interests of customers

The company has always strictly abided by laws and regulations, insisted on standardized operations, consciously accepted social supervision, and continued to improve scientific and reasonable operating mechanisms. As an enterprise that shares the same breath and destiny with the country and the nation, the company takes the initiative to assume historical responsibilities, consciously maintains and purifies the market environment, actively devotes itself to multi-party cooperation, and spares no effort to promote the sound development of the power equipment industry.

1.Abide by laws and regulations, adhere to the norms and self-discipline

For a long time, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity-based", strictly abided by the "Company Law", "Contract Law", "Consumer Protection Law" and other national laws and regulations, resolutely resisted all illegal acts, and carried out active accountability actions., Carry out objective information disclosure, and ensure that self-discipline is regulated at all times in business development.

2.Maintain the market environment and protect the rights and interests of customers

For a long time, the company has served consumers with higher business ethics standards, taken effective measures to strengthen market management, and effectively protect the normal rights and interests of customers.

3.Establish a healthy image, help the development of the industry

For a long time, the company has been actively committed to multi-party cooperation, has made fruitful efforts to promote the healthy development of the industry, has established a responsible corporate image, and has won high recognition from all walks of life.

5. improve product quality management

Providing excellent products and services to the society is the basic requirement for the success of business operations and the most direct manifestation of corporate image. As a company that provides power equipment products and services, we have a deeper understanding of the long-term and social nature of products and services, and we attach great importance to product quality.

The company has established and improved quality management rules and regulations, established a top-to-bottom quality management system, and fully implemented quality commitments, quality assurance systems, quality objectives, and full quality classification responsibilities. The company takes quality excellence, quality supervision and inspection, and quality assessment as a means to do a good job in quality management.

2020In 2002, the company should uniformly deploy the requirements for the investigation of potential safety and quality hazards, and launched a "quality month" activity with the theme of "quality and safety, common responsibility" in July. Strengthen the training and education of front-line personnel, and enhance the quality and safety awareness of front-line employees; carry out various activities such as rationalization suggestions, quality and safety seminars, on-the-job training, skill competitions, etc., to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to participate in quality improvement; pay attention to the construction of corporate brand culture, Vigorously promote "making high-quality products, building Tianli brand; strengthen process control, refine the measures and systems for the management of collaborative teams, and establish an effective restraint and incentive system. Form a good social atmosphere in which everyone cares about quality, attaches importance to quality and starts from me.

6. respect and protection of intellectual property rights

Enterprises are not only the main creators and users of intellectual property rights, but also the victims of infringement. Therefore, the protection of intellectual property rights is not only the responsibility of the government, enterprises should also shoulder the social responsibility of protecting intellectual property rights and jointly create a good market economic order. Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights is a principle that enterprises must follow, and it is also an intuitive embodiment of the real fulfillment of social responsibility.

Respecting the intellectual property rights of others is not only respecting oneself, but also respecting society. In order to own an intellectual property right, an enterprise must invest a lot of time, money and labor, which is not easy. Only when everyone respects and protects the intellectual property rights of others, their own intellectual property rights will not be infringed. Not respecting the intellectual property rights of others means not respecting oneself, and making innovators lose the motivation to innovate. Enterprises will fall into a vicious circle where innovation is not controlled by others.

Respecting the intellectual property rights of others and shouldering the social responsibility of protecting intellectual property rights, in the final analysis, depends on the employees of the enterprise to implement every link of daily production and operation. Only when every employee establishes a strong awareness of intellectual property rights and creates a corporate culture atmosphere of respect for knowledge, respect for talents, fair competition, and integrity and law-abiding, can the concept of social responsibility fulfillment of intellectual property protection be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

7. Attaches Importance to the Protection of Workers' Rights and Interests

The company strictly abides by the "the People's Republic of China Labor Contract Law", "Social Insurance Law" and other laws and regulations related to labor employment and the protection of employees' rights and interests, and strictly implements national regulations and standards in terms of employment, labor safety and health, and social security. At the same time, the company cares for employees, improves the working environment, strengthens labor protection, protects the rights and interests of employees, pays attention to personnel training, attaches importance to humanistic care, and implements humanized management.

1.Abide by laws and regulations and protect the rights and interests of employees. The company has established and improved rules and regulations related to the labor contract law, social insurance law and other national laws and regulations, improved labor employment management, protected the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to law, continuously built harmonious labor relations, and effectively safeguarded the rights and interests of workers.

2、Establish a market-oriented salary system and share the results of enterprise development. The company establishes a value distribution system based on job value and work performance, builds an incentive assessment and distribution plan that is competitive in the market and follows market changes, and focuses on job value, personal contribution, performance orientation and market competitiveness through dynamic performance and awards. Encourage employees to serve the enterprise for a long time, work together for the growth of the enterprise, and share the fruits of enterprise development.

8. adhere to safe production

Ensure safe production, compact the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, establish and improve the risk prevention and control system and hidden danger investigation and management system, do a good job in safety standardization and quality upgrading, and quickly improve the overall safety production level of the company. The main measures are as follows:

1.Comprehensively strengthen the implementation of the safety production responsibility system for all employees. All enterprises have comprehensively established the safety production responsibility system for all organizations and posts from the main person in charge of the enterprise to the front-line employees, and clarified the territorial management safety responsibility, responsibility scope and assessment standards of all employees. Continuously improve the incentive and restraint mechanism, actively implement and fully implement responsibilities through rewards, punish non-implementation of responsibilities and partial implementation of responsibilities, continuously stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees to participate in production safety work, and form a good safety culture atmosphere.

2.Actively promote the safety of production standardization and upgrading work. Through the high-quality operation and continuous improvement of the standardized system, the company has continuously consolidated the basic safety management, and actively promoted the first-level compliance work. By increasing the investment in safety production, the company has continuously improved the on-site hardware conditions and continuously improved the level of enterprise essential safety. Through the on-site evaluation of safety production standardization, the quality of employees has been generally improved, the basic management of enterprises has been strengthened, and the system system has become more organized, systematic and refined.

3.Carry out the construction of a dual control mechanism for risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and management. The company arranges and deploys risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and management as a key task, and establishes a hidden danger investigation and management information system covering all enterprises and departments. By mobilizing front-line employees, in the production system, equipment and facilities, construction site, and operation All links that may lead to accidents in the aspects of process, operation behavior, management procedures, etc., comprehensively identify safety risks, determine risk factors and risk levels, and from the management, technology and personnel behavior and other aspects to determine the control measures, the development of risk control list and accident hidden danger investigation list, regular hidden danger investigation, initially realized the transformation from post-management to pre-control.

9. Actively Implement Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality and Promote Green Production

The company's "green factory" has been approved by the provincial level, and the "integration of the two" and "energy system certification" have obtained certificates. According to the national energy development strategic plan, the carbon will reach the peak in 2030 and the carbon will be neutral in 2060. According to the overall plan of the green factory, the company plans to invest in the construction project of 3.75 MW roof distributed photovoltaic power station. The first construction period is from June 2020 to December 2021, with an estimated investment of 5 million yuan to rebuild 1#2# factory building. The second construction period is from January 2022 to June 2022, with an estimated investment of 5 million yuan to rebuild 3# factory building and staff dormitory; the third construction period is from July 2022 to May 2023. It is estimated that 23 million yuan will be invested to build a new 15000 square meter factory building. At present, the contract has been signed and the first one has been paid.

The company conscientiously implements a series of national and local guidelines and policies on environmental protection, and regards strengthening environmental protection as an important means for enterprises to transform their development methods, increase benefits, and fulfill their social responsibilities, and strive to overcome the severe and complex economic situation and the profound impact of national industrial policy regulation And steadily promote the company's environmental protection work.

Actively fulfill the environmental protection responsibility of the enterprise, regard sustainable development as the development foundation of the enterprise, pursue the harmonious development of enterprise business activities and ecological environment, adhere to the rational use of resources, practice low-carbon environmental protection, promote green office and green environmental protection, pursue environmental friendliness, give full play to the influence of enterprise value chain, and spread the concept of green environmental protection to the public, Pursuing the maximization of the overall value of enterprise benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit.

1、Actively promote green office, regard low carbon and energy saving as an important goal in daily management, the company will start ERP system construction from 2017, and all processes will be paperless management. The company carried out MES system construction in 2019 and WMS (intelligent storage) system construction in 2020, basically realizing full automation, intelligence and information-based production processes. The proportion of automation, intelligent production, testing and other equipment units to the number of workshop equipment units reached the advanced level in the province. Application of digital three-dimensional design software, process design software for product, process design and simulation, and through physical testing and testing to verify and optimize.

2、The company actively responds to the government's call to fulfill its social responsibility and deal with severe pollution weather. In accordance with the requirements of the local government, enterprises have formulated emergency plans for heavy pollution weather, and adopted measures such as production reduction, suspension of production and maintenance to reduce pollutant emissions and deal with heavy air pollution weather. During the period when the government launched the heavy pollution weather warning in 2020, the company actively responded and conscientiously implemented the requirements of the emergency plan to ensure the successful completion of the emergency response work.

3、As a non-public economic entity, the company takes a clear-cut stand to actively promote the innovation and application of energy conservation and emission reduction. In 2020, it will declare and pass the "demonstration enterprise of energy conservation and emission reduction" to speed up the construction of projects in the treatment of industrial solid waste and domestic waste, and strive to make greater contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction.

4、The company operates in accordance with the law, is honest and trustworthy, continuously strengthens the implementation of environmental supervision, attaches great importance to the relevant inspections of environmental protection departments at all levels, and ensures the supervision and guidance of corporate environmental protection work by arranging corporate self-inspection and joint inspections in a variety of effective ways.

5、Our company has always adhered to the business management concepts of honesty and mutual assistance, diligence and frugality, brave innovation, continuous improvement, good learning and compliance, and thick and long-term management and management, constantly strengthening the internal control of environmental protection, laying out in advance, timely carrying out targeted special inspection of environmental protection and continuous rectification and improvement, actively exploring new processes and technologies, and making major breakthroughs in industrial transformation and upgrading.

10. participate in public welfare undertakings and actively give back to the society

As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, it has helped the cause of poverty alleviation in recent years, with a total donation of 690000 yuan, and has been selected as a "caring poverty alleviation enterprise" by the United Front work Department of Wancheng District, Nanyang City ".

Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, private enterprises have grown from scratch, from small to large, and their role and status in China's economic development have become more and more prominent. We are in a great era, an era to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must not forget our original intention, firmly listen to the party's words and follow the party's belief, uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, continue to innovate in science and technology, and achieve high-quality enterprise development. We will make new achievements in the great cause of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and a modern socialist country in an all-round way, and make greater contributions to the development of the real economy.

XI. Prospects for future corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a systematic project, and the process of practicing corporate social responsibility is a process of continuous improvement and improvement. The company will further improve the construction of corporate social responsibility management system, integrate the concept of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development into the whole process of company decision-making and production and operation, actively adapt to the new normal of economic development, actively respond to new challenges, seize development opportunities, promote the deep integration of social responsibility and enterprise's own development, and sort out the company's mission, vision and values with the concept of corporate social responsibility, examine the enterprise development strategy, business model and business process, incorporate the enterprise's self-recognition of stakeholders and the natural environment into the management system, and seek common progress and development. The company will not forget its original intention and keep its mission in mind!



Nanyang Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd.

26 September 2021