Strong feelings of rice dumplings to welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, staff care to warm the hearts of the people!

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching mid-summer, and the days are long and long. On the eve of the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, in order to earnestly care for the lives of employees, convey the warmth of the company, and let all employees spend a happy and healthy traditional festival, on June 21, the company organized and carried out activities to distribute Dragon Boat Festival gifts to all employees. The Dragon Boat Festival not only conveys the company's care for employees, but also demonstrates the company's feelings and responsibilities.

At the gift distribution site, the staff of the company's general office guided the delivery vehicles into the factory, organized unloading, counted the quantity of goods, and delivered the holiday gifts to the employees of various departments in a busy and orderly manner. The joy of the employees who received the gifts was beyond words. They all said that the holiday gifts not only allowed everyone to feel the festive atmosphere in advance, but also integrated the company's strong care into the fragrance of rice dumplings. The majority of employees deeply felt the warmth and care of the company, shared the benefits brought by the company's development to the majority of employees, enhanced their sense of identity and belonging to the company, and experienced a full sense of happiness.

Since the beginning of this year, all employees of Zhongwei Electric have been determined to forge ahead and fulfill their duties. With the sense of urgency of "time is not waiting for us, seize the day and night", the sense of crisis of "walking on thin ice, like facing the abyss" and the sense of mission of "duty-bound and giving up others", the company's operation has developed steadily and all work has been carried out in an orderly manner, forming a good working atmosphere. I hope everyone will "Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission, be full of gratitude and forge ahead", take advantage of the situation, win the battle of production and operation indicators with practical actions, draw a new blueprint for the innovation and development of enterprises, and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development of the company with our joint efforts and efforts!

On the occasion of the traditional festival-Dragon Boat Festival, Zhongwei Electric extends its cordial holiday greetings to all employees, and extends cordial condolences and high respect to the employees who still stick to the front line of production and operation during the holiday! I wish all employees and their families of the company a healthy Dragon Boat Festival, happy in its "zongzi", healthy and peaceful!